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Dr. Kashika Jain

Dr. Kashika Jain
Dr. Kashika Jain

About Dr. Kashika Jain

Dr Kashika Jain is an internationally renowned Child Psychologist, Life-Coach and Counselor.

Dr Kashika Jain provides all types of child Psychological treatment like study problems, anger, depression, child bonding, addiction, Adhd and other child psychological problems.”

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Need of Child Counselling-

Now a day’s children face several pressures at home, school and with peers. At that time when their minds are growing and forming impressions of how the world is, it is very important to work on such pressure in order to prevent the formation of long standing emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Dr.Kashika Jain provides child counselling to your little ones with an environment where they can explore their difficulties through child-friendly and holistic approaches. It is primarily involves ‘play therapy’ in addition to the commonly used ‘talk therapy’.

Children, due to their growing language age and less communication skills, often cannot express themselves verbally.

Through Child Counselling, child psychologist try to know the reason of their problems because Child counsellor knows how to make the children expressive

What is Child Counselling?

Children experience emotional difficulties while growing up. Rather than all of the time, they display attention-seeking behaviours and at that time, they avoid social activities completely, refusing to even go to school.

An environment preference is where they feel safe, such as their room at home, perhaps playing video games or absorbing themselves in browsing on the net.

Now days, mobile addiction is the common problem in children.

For overcome the above problems, we need Child counselling.

How Does Child Counselling Help?

Children are the unique gift of God to us but when we show some careless towards children, then some psychological problem arise in children.

Child Counselling can help kids in understanding their very own disordered sentiments and through Child counselling; such disordered is solved very easily.

What Child Psychologist do?

Child Psychologist conducts various tests related to behaviour and learning style that help in assessment and diagnose disorders of children. br>
They basically deal with children development issues and suggest ways to control and eradicate problems.

Importance of Child Psychologist

Child psychologist plays vital role in society. They benefit parents and children simultaneously.

They help children in overcome learning disabilities easily.

Children emotions highly reflect social development of children. They enable children to express emotions in a positive way.

They create better understanding between children and parents.

They can easily identify the difference between normal and abnormal behaviour pattern, and help parents to cope up different ailments like learning disabilities, anxiety, anger etc.

They add value to the progress of the child.

They help child in coming out of early childhood trauma.

Child psychologist creates balance between emotional, social, cognitive development.

Why Choose Dr. Kashika Jain?

Dr.Kashika jain is Best Child Psychologist in Meerut and her clinic is situated in MangalPandey Nagar, Meerut.

She provides all types of child Psychological treatment like study problems, anger, depression, child bonding, addiction, Adhdand other child psychological problems.

Best part of her treatment procedure is that, she provides all the treatment without medications help.

According to her philosophy, all psychological issues arise due to our thought process and we cannot change our thought process with the help of medicine. Thought process can be changed or controlled only by counselling and therapy.

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