No Medicine Can Change Our Thought Process, it Can be Changed With The Help Of Counselling and Therapy Only.

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Depression can be defined as a mood disorder. It has some unique characters distinguished by sadness, lack of interest in things that was once enjoyed.

Diagnosis of depression starts with a consultation with doctors who treat depression or psychologist. It is important to seek the help of a psychologist for depression to ensure an effective diagnose and treatment of the person.

Depression specialist prepares a questionnaire to ask the person in order to take their history, thus check how severe the case is.

Signs and symptoms

Symptoms of depression can include:

Continuous sadness
Lack of interest in anything.
Reduction in weight and low appetite.
Difficulty in sleeping or excessive sleeping.
Being restless.
Unable to think, concentrate, or make decisions
suicidal thoughts


There cannot be a single causes of depression. It is usually a result of a combination of factors. Genetics, some of which may include,

Biological - changes in chemical level i.e. neurotransmitters in our brain
Social factors

There are also some other factors responsible for causing depression-
Life events- These include loss of person or thing, relationship problem, medical issues etc.
Personality- It depends from person to person. Person with less coping tendencies, or previous life trauma are more susceptible to it.
hildhood Trauma- Early childhood memories play a major role on the psychology of the person.
Some Prescribed Drugs- Some of the drugs play a negative effect on the mind.


Depression is a type of disorder that requires individual attention. Thus it can be said that Counselling helps in treating Depression.

In the first place it is very important to know exactly where to go if you are depressed. It is of utmost importance to do your research properly beforehand and look out for a doctor for treating depression and ultimately search for a best psychologist for depression in your city. After that you should try to have full trust in you psychologist in order to offload all of the feelings, however, difficult you may find them. You should try to have faith in your counsellor for treating depression that the person is a neutral person and will never judge you in any case.

Thus it can be seen that Counselling for depression works like magic for treating depression as the person can actually know about oneself and grow as a better individual out of that trauma and achieve that desired happy blissful life that was desired. Counselling can be broadly divided into some categories depending on the case of the individual.

Individual counselling is the most effective form of counselling which can be described as a one-on-one session with a professional therapist who might be one of these i.e they can be either MD (psychiatrist/doctor),PhD (psychologist,, LCSW (licensed clinical social worker, who should be having an experience in treating mental ailment like depression. One-on-one sessions can help the person their cause of stress and manage it in order to keep it at bay. A psychologist for depression acts as a guide to a person’s life as it helps to work through the issues and encourage maintaining a healthy way of living by suggesting to build strong relationship with family, at work and adopt healthy habits for life.

Family counselling helps the entire family because along with the depressed person their family feels it too. As a matter of fact, how hard the family members try to resolve the issue; they end up making the condition worse without any professional guidance. Family therapy is an effective method for the family members to observe the early signs of depression. Family members can really accelerate the healing process of the depressed person with the treatment.
Thus, it can be concluded that it's of utter importence to recognize the emotions, problems and finally decide that the problem is worth seeking support and consult a depression doctor and visit a clinic for depression in your city. Speaking to a professional psychologist for depression , helps to understand the need of the person and ultimately prescribe treatments like self-help tips, counselling sessions or even breathing exercises and meditation to improve the condition of the individual.

Why Choose Dr. Kashika Jain?

Dr. Kashika jain is a Psychologist, Therapist and Counselor and her clinic is situated in Mangal Pandey Nagar, Meerut.
She provides psychological treatment for depression, anxiety, relationship solution, child counselling, insomnia, Dementia, mania, husband wife relationship, child bonding, phobia, autism, addiction, stress, ocd, bipolar disorder, Adhd, Schizophrenia, anger, attention deficit disorder, add, carrier counselling, weight loss therapy and other psychological therapies.
She is Best Depression Doctor in Meerut.
Best part of her treatment procedure is that, she provides all the treatment without medications because all psychological issues arise due to our thought process and we can not change our thought process by medicine.
Thought process can be changed only by counselling and therapy.

Vision – Her vision is to help & motivate people. She visualize a world free from Stress, Depression, Suicide, Anger, Hate & Hurt.
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